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Weight of Power

Weight of Power has been the outcome of a life worth of experience as many things; my life as a woman, of living in a plus-sized body, of being an artist, a crafts person and a designer. It is the aftermath of social issues and stipulations that have happened, still happen and will happen to people, especially women, everywhere. This collection of pieces is a visual representation of my view on feminism and recognizing both the struggles and the strength of women. I produced Auric and Glory previously, which opened and grew in to a much larger project.

"Auric", Persona, 2017

In the autumn I was shortlisted to be one of the four artists pitching their project for the Connexion-ARC micro grant event, Art Kitchen. I was honored to be the winner of this event and it would fund the next three pieces to my Weight of Power series that featured concepts built around depression; Destruction, Despair and Hope.

Good things happen in pairs and I was also the recipient of a Creation Grant from ArtsNB where I proposed five more pieces for Weight of Power; Dread, Passion, Aegis, Tenacity and Resilience.

Mood Board for "Dread", 2019

I started working on all eight pieces at the beginning of January and I've been testing and working out details of these new designs. The Art Kitchen pieces (Despair, Destruction and Hope) will be showcased with Connexion-ARC in partnership with Flourish Festival at the end of April. I'll be displaying Glory and Auric with them, and hope to also have another piece or two of the ArtsNB pieces done to display as well. Later in 2019 I would like to showcase all ten pieces together. This series is very important to me on many different levels and I am so honored to have the funding from these groups to help build Weight of Power and be able to share it with the public.

Thank you so much to Connexion-ARC, Flourish Festival, ArtsNB and the many supporters and mentors I have conversed with and who have helped motivate and inspire me every day.

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