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More Than a Body

"Oracle", Pride of Place, George Fry Gallery

Miniature was less of a choice, and more of a gravitation. I was traditionally trained in full sized garments when I went to school for fashion; Traditional tailoring, corseting and dressmaker sewing techniques. My love for the art of fashion has never wavered and I've always been captivated and inspired by fashion techniques. What did change though, was what I wanted my fashion to mean. Who was my work for? I was feeling smothered by social constructs; who you put your design on, mattered more than the art itself. I struggled with this concept for years, working with dolls to free myself from the social prison of body expectations. Finally, I removed the body completely, and my work has now become pure sculpture. A miniaturist at heart, working small and focusing on the message of my work was my dream. If the artwork was created to make a statement, then the need for it to be sized to fit a person was unnecessary. However, my love for fashion and traditional techniques was still strong, and so I adapted these techniques into my sculptures and have let them speak for themselves. They tell a story, a visual voice that prompts ideas without body limitations.

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